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Update - Nov 2021

Coming soon will be courses to help guide you through the discrepancies between the "Australian Government" and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK).

Access will be for members only.

Why? - Truth-Now.Net has become a Private Membership Association (PMA) based in the united States. A PMA could best be described as the marriage between the constitutionally protected right to associate / assemble and the constitutionally protected right to private contract. Merged together, you get a private membership association in a jurisdiction that is respected by 150+ years of case law in the united States.

Members interact with the association by private contract... not subject to interference by government overreach.


Basic Membership - $1 (one time fee)

Basic Membership will include access to some of the courses and all new content uploaded to the site.

Additionally, there will be more advanced courses designed to help members question the narrative.

Test your knowledge of government in Australia

From TWO Governments, Dodgy Seals, Pretend Laws to Crimes of Treason... take two minutes to test your knowledge.