• The Den HFQ Podcast

    The Den Interviews Scott Bartle

    With Mark Paul & Mark S
    06 November 2013
    Explores the concepts of:

    • Natural rights
    • Pretend laws
    • The creation of a second ‘You’

  • Truth News Australia

    Truth News Interviews Scott Bartle

    with Hereward Fenton
    06 November 2013
    Explores the concepts of:

    • The Office of Governor-General
    • Banksters
    • Frequently Unanswered Questions

Truth-Now.net Background

This website grew out of the experience of importing my 1959 Chevrolet Corvette into Australia. I noticed there were Two Governments and Two Parliaments… worse, no one in government could answer why.

What The FUQ? you might say… and I did. I produced the documentary What The FUQ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”

Ordinarily you’d expect you could take these matters to Court to resolve any dispute. It became obvious very quickly that the Office that gives authority to today’s courts was rotten.

It appeared the corporation masquerading as government in Australia was acting as an administrator to a bankrupt country… gone bankrupt from borrowing from private banks instead of printing money through the people’s Treasury. This brought the banksters into focus where I created the short video Bancorruptcy and later the 8 min video CONfinance.

With banksters and “government” ignoring requests for validation, treating me with contempt and still threatening compliance, it became obvious our rights were non-existent… whilst acting as a Legal Entity created to enslave the population.  When the name on the outside of mailed correspondence could not be questioned, what chance exists of questioning the contents?

Welcome to the Truth-Now.net website. Please read carefully and do your own research. This site is intended to prompt further study into ‘What The FUQ‘ is going on in this world.

Stop FUQ

Brown Bag Tax

Paying Tax… What For?

Mention the idea that taxes are unlawful, unconstitutional, unjust etc at a dinner party, and most people will look at you like you are a freak. “Who is going to pay for the roads?” – “Who will pay for defence?” – “Who will pay for public services?” Most will complain for hours about how they […]

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Money Out Of Thick Air

Money Out Of THICK Air & Hidden Financing Statements

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘printing money out of THIN air’ – and most likely you’ve heard it regarding todays banksters. It’s blamed for many things, most commonly the seeming ability by banksters to print money from nowhere… This article challenges the concept money is purely brought into existence by keystrokes on a computer, and […]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano

It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong

This 5 minute clip might excite those who don’t ordinarily believe anything that isn’t broadcast on CNN, FOX or any other mainstream news media outlets. Judge Andrew Napolitano poses a series of questions that would ordinarily be quashed should they be raised on any ‘Alternative Media’ website… yet here is a Judge on a major media […]

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Absent Limits Identity image

If a ‘Person’ is a Legal Entity, What’s Your Real Identity?

Originally Posted on Wake Up World on 28 Feb 2014 By Ken Bartle Guest Writer for Wake Up World Suppose that the word ʻpersonʼ (by definition) has been misconstrued in meaning. Suppose that in our society, a ‘person’ is a LEGAL ENTITY, a thing, an artificial construct and not a ʻliving beingʼ? Suppose that you are blissfully […]

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If We Are Truly Sovereign Beings, Why Do We Ask For Permission?

11th November 2013 By Andy Whiteley Co-Founder of Wake Up World There has been a lot of talk of sovereignty lately. Sovereignty is a concept fundamental to our freedom. Without individual sovereignty, we are merely slaves. Without true independence, we may only walk someone else’s path. As humanity continues to wake up to our true nature of […]

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The Den HFQ Podcast

The Den – Interview With Scott & Ken Bartle

Interview with Scott Bartle & Ken Bartle On The Den 06 November 2013 The interview explores topics following the release of the documentary What The FUQ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”. The origin of money in today’s system is explored – created as a debt that can never be repaid. Contrast this […]

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Truth News Australia T Shirt

Scott Bartle On The Dirty Little Secret About Your Government

Interview by Hereward Fenton Truth News Australia 11 Sep 2013 This interview followed the release of the documentary What The FUQ? – “Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government”. Discussed is the potential of how today’s Australian Government is acting as an administrator for a bankrupt country… where Taxpayers are required to pay loans to private […]

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Screw Us And We Multiply

Apparent Failure To Vote..?

So you received an “Apparent Failure to Vote” Notice..? First off… how apparent was it..? Either you did vote or you didn’t. So which was it..? What if you wrote back and asked some questions..? On a scale of 1-10, how apparent was it I didn’t vote..? with 1 being “definitely not”, and 10 being […]

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Scott Bartle 1959 Corvette Front

CruizeFM Interview With Scott Bartle

CruizeFM interview with Scott Bartle by Aldo 29 Jul 2013 Is there really a corporation called The Commonweath of Australia? In this interview with Scott Bartle, producer of What The FUQ?, Scott highlights his battle with “Customs”, when he Questioned some of the laws that made it difficult for him to get his 1959 Chevrolet Corvette […]

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