TWO Parliaments

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Parliament House Australia

There are multiple parliament names in Australia presently, but only two are defined in the original constitution... However, somewhat alarmingly, neither of the two in the constitution feature on the building or website presently recognized as parliament. 

So are there TWO Parliaments? Are there more? Are they all the same? Are they all known by different names? Are the names interchangeable? In all contexts. 

In the context of two backpackers having a beer on the ski slopes in France, an Australian and a Swede; the Swedish backpacker complains about the Swedish Parliament... the Australian backpacker complains about the Australian Parliament... but is that sufficient to use that as the official name for parliament in contrast to the constitution?

Here's a list of some of the different names for parliament in Australia:

  1.  “The Parliament” or “The Parliament of the Commonwealth”- Source: Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 (UK) 9th July 1900
  2. Australian Parliament” - Source: ACTS OF THE AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT PASSED DURING THE YEAR 1973, Government Printer of Australia (see image below)
  3. Parliament of Australia" - Source
  4. Commonwealth Parliament” - Source

Parliament of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1900 (UK) refers to Parliament as  the "Parliament of the Commonwealth"

Parliament of the Commonwealth Constitution

Parliament of Australia

Parliament of Australia

Which is it?... Do we seek out the Parliament defined within the Constitution of 1900? ... or do we treat a Parliament that is not in the Constitution of 1900 as real..?

Origin of the Second Parliament

1973 appears to be when the Parliament of Australia made its debut. The following images present a contrast in Parliaments:

Parliament of the Commonwealth 1971
Parliament of the Commonwealth
Australian Parliament 1973

Freedom of Information "Act" - Request

One of the readers of requested confirmation that the Parliament of the Commonwealth had been changed to the Parliament of Australia within the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901. 

Parliament of Australia vs Commonwealth FOI excerpt
Note: This website refers to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 - UK. Note also that the Freedom of Information Act 1982 that this request was made under comes from the Parliament of Australia

Further History

Click on the images to see the full size images for the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

Parliament of the Commonwealth Opening Programme
Parliament of the Commonwealth Opening Reception

The Big Lie

Parliament of the Commonwealth Oath

The official name of the parliament in Australia may not mean much to most people. Most go about their daily lives without giving it much thought at all. Others struggle to consider even of the possibility there are two parliaments in Australia.

The Big Lie became to be known as a popular technique that was used throughout German propaganda. Hitler described the Big Lie within his book that was released in 1925, Mein Kampf. Hitler described that Big Lie as a lie that is so colossal that nobody would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. In other words, no single person could possibly have the front to make up such a huge lie and on this basis it must therefore be true, people will believe it, as it is so ridiculous. Source

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it’.


Consider the ramifications of a parliament that is not the one defined within the original constitution.

Surely 'Acts' coming from a parliament not defined within the original constitution are Pretend Laws?

See how the two 'Acts' the Australian Taxation Office are reliant upon relate to taxes in Australia here.

Questions To Ask

Here is a short list of questions to ask regarding the Parliament of Australia:

  1. Is the "Parliament of Australia" one and the same as the "Parliament of the Commonwealth"?
  2. What is the context when refering to the "Australian Parliament" or "Parliament of Australia" as the "Parliament of the Commonwealth"?, and;
  3. Is that context keeping with the spirit (& the vibe) of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)?
  4. How hard would it be to use the name of the parliament defined within the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) to avoid all confusion?
  5. Would you be willing to take full responsibility for declaring and/or swearing that the "Parliament of Australia" one and the same as the "Parliament of the Commonwealth"?

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