The Vinny Eastwood Show – What The FUQ? 

 December 20, 2012

By  Scott B

The Vinny Eastwood Show
The Vinny Eastwood Show Interviews Scott Bartle

With Vinny Eastwood
20 Dec 2012

This interview followed the creation of the documentary What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government".

Vinny brings a special kind of humour to an otherwise dull and depressing subject. Broadcasting live from the fluoridated capital of the New Zealand... another of the sunny slave states. Vinny references the CommonStealth countries, though I like to refer to then as the ConManWealth countries.

Discussed in the interview is people's 'need' of the system as a barrier to asking questions. When you are dependent upon the system it is difficult to question it, partly for fear your benefits - or your need of the system - will be cut off. Consider all the measures to keep people dependent... bonuses and handouts by the "government" to keep people lining up for more.

How often do you hear the saying "There should be a law against that" - another call for control... without even realising that the sanction of rules against one is the sanction  of rules against yourself. The principle is the same.

There is a certain fear of retribution when questioning the system which prevents many from taking action. It is the identification of what goes in to engineer the fear that helps transmute it.

Take for example documents received from "government" that refer to "The Taxpayer" or "Importers"... does that mean you? Or have you just assumed that means you? Have you ever tried to pin a "government" official down and ask a straight forward question?

Try asking the ATO - "Is the Taxpayer MR NAME SURNAME a living being to the exclusion of all others?" or "Is the Taxpayer MR NAME SURNAME one of the sons of God as referenced in Matthew 17:26?" Whilst you might expect a Yes or No answer to something like that, be ready for about six or more letters backwards and forwards, each of them avoiding the question, and maintaining (without justification) that nothing affects the Taxpayer's obligations...

Be the observer of those communications? What is really being said between the lines? What is left out intentionally? How cleverly has your question been answered? Have you received opinion instead? Did you get an answer that could be relied upon - the official position of the "department"? Likely no...

Who Is Vinny Eastwood And What Does He Do?

Vincent Eastwood (AKA MR. NEWS) was born in the ominous year of 1984. The same year set out in Orwell's masterpiece and the year of New Zealand's neo-liberal economic reforms.

"It's on the points we agree that we should come together and collaborate, those we disagree upon, we can argue about infinitely, so let's leave those aside for another time, perhaps a time when we're no longer under the threat of enslavement and subsequent extermination by a bunch of ruthless, criminal, sociopathic, scumbaggery." - Vinny Eastwood 2007

Vinny Eastwood's entire YouTube channel was deleted by YouTube. Please see his website http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com and new channel.

Scott B

Creator of the documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" and website Truth-Now.net Scott is a truth seeker who moved to the USA - home of the free and land of the brave... (which might be a stretch based on present events...)

Scott Bartle

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