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Case Study – Australian Taxation Office – Criminal Or Constitutional?

Australian Taxation Office ATO logoThe Australian Taxation Office is feared by many Australians. One hint of a phone call from the ATO and people start shaking in their boots..? Why is this so?

Typically the ATO are asking you questions… “Why haven’t you paid” or “We’ll engage (private) debt collectors if you don’t pay…”

What if there were some questions you could ask the tax office to satisfy yourself they are not impostors?

Could you be in trouble for liaising with a company pretending to be government?

Let’s start with the ATO Letterhead comprising the Coat of Arms – the Kangaroo and Emu beside the “Australian Government.”

This stylised version here is black and white and is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Search serial number 89000532 or simply “Australia.” Note that even though the Coat of Arms was granted to the Commonwealth of Australia in 1908 and revised in 1912, it is still not the seal used by the monarch. See examples in 1913 and 1925 and their significance here.

The burning question again… Are there two governments: Is the Australian Government one and the same as the Government of the Commonwealth? – you know, the one that’s in the original constitution.

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