If We Are Truly Sovereign Beings, Why Do We Ask For Permission? 

 November 11, 2013

By  Scott B


11th November 2013 Andy Whiteley

By Co-Founder of Wake Up World

There has been a lot of talk of sovereignty lately.

Sovereignty is a concept fundamental to our freedom. Without individual sovereignty, we are merely slaves. Without true independence, we may only walk someone else’s path.

As humanity continues to wake up to our true nature of being, to our absolute value as humans, and to our divine relationship to our world and our Creator, it is crucial that we truly understand what it is to be a ‘sovereign being’.

But before we discuss sovereignty, let’s look at the definition of the word ‘sovereign’ so we all start on the same page:

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘sovereign’ as:

Sovereign (adjective):

- Acting or done independently and without outside interference

- Possessing supreme or ultimate power

So in considering our sovereignty, the question really is… Do we truly live “independently and without outside interference”? Do we possess “supreme or ultimate power” over our lives? And if not, who does?

Sovereigns and Subjects

How often do we hear the terms ‘Sovereign Nation’, ‘Sovereign State’, ‘Sovereign Debt’ or ‘The Sovereign Monarch’? Despite its definition, we attribute the value of sovereignty only to institutions; to nations and monarchs.

But consider… if a monarch is sovereign and there is only one monarch, there can be only one sovereign – only one who acts independently and without outside interference. And don’t monarchs have subjects? Subject to what, you may wonder? Subject to outside interference and dependent upon those possessing supreme or ultimate power?

Subject - derived from the Latin word subiectus’meaning ”lying beneath”.

When we attribute sovereignty only to institutions, to nations or monarchs, we cannot also consider ourselves sovereign. Instead we are merely subjectsAnd when we consider ourselves as subjects, we assume the role of slaves, beneath, unable to act independently and without outside interference.

Is this really how we’re willing to live?

We are living breathing creations of the Creator, whomever or whatever that force is. We were born to this planet simply to live. We are a part of the divine creation of life; an expression of life itself. No more, no less. The Earth was granted to us so that we can enjoy it, feed from it, share in its abundance, and live as a conscious part of its wondrous mechanics.

But if the Creator created humanity, and humanity created institutions, should institutions such as government not be the instrument of humanity, and not the other way around? And if a government institution assumes the authority to limit our liberties, or to dictate the manner in which we may enjoy and live and share and feed, does it not therefore assume authorship of the Creator’s work?

The Government Trust Relationship

When the concept of government was created by humanity, it was created with a specific purpose; to serve the needs of the people. Government was effectively entrusted with returning benefits to the people, as Trustees to our needs.

Natural Trust

[Let’s call this the Government Trust]

Here, Government acted for and on behalf of the people. Your rights are inherent, based upon who and what you are as a living being. The rules and objectives of Government were established by the People, and Government adopted those objectives on behalf of the People.

However the behaviour of those claiming to be “government” today is in complete contrast with this trust agreement. Today’s “government” acts as executor and beneficiary.

Criminal Trust

[Let’s call this the Dictatorship Trust]

In this instance, “Government” possesses supreme or ultimate power and assumes the role of sovereign, and you act as a LEGAL ENTITY… a creation of the “Government”. Under this model, “Government” dictates the rules and objectives, and you are merely a trustee employed to return benefits to “Government” as the beneficiary.

Contrast the two Trust diagrams above. Understanding the difference between the ‘Government Trust’ and the ‘Dictatorship Trust’ allows you to identify who is deemed sovereign, and who is in fact regulated.

Now consider a step further; if you are not sovereign under the current model of government, surely your “Government” – which claims executor and beneficiary status – is an impostor; undemocratic; a dictatorship.

So which world do you want to live in? A world full of sovereigns acting independently and without outside interference, or a world full of dependent slaves reliant upon and subject to the outside interference of a dictatorship?

For more information on the 2 government trust models, I recommend Corporations Masquerading as Government: Which Government Can We “Trust”? by Scott Bartle, WuW guest writer and founder of Truth-Now.net

Self Determination or Dictatorship?

“Life, liberty and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary. It was the fact that life, liberty and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place” 

~ Frédéric Bastiat, liberal theorist, political economist and member of the French assembly (1801-1850)

In today’s world, who actually acts as Executor, or “possesses the supreme or ultimate power”? Are we living lives of self-determination? Or are we bound to a dictatorship, where opportunities are limited and rules are imposed on us by an entity claiming to be a democratic government?

Clearly, we are not regarded as sovereign beings by today’s “Government”. Instead it presumes to grant us our rights.

But consider… if rights are granted to us by government, by definition, weren’t we born withoutrights? And can’t any rights granted to us therefore be taken away just as easily? Are we not then beholden to government as the highest power on the planet? What happened to our inalienablerights?

By definition, any ‘right’ granted to us by the State is in fact a privilege:

“A privilege is a special entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority…. In modern democratic states, a privilege is conditional and granted only after birth. By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth”

~ Suzanna McNichol, The Law of Privilege (1st edition 1992)

What we’re seeing in modern ‘politics’ is the gradual erosion of our individual human rights and the insertion of limited privileges in their place. And by granting privileges in place of our inalienable rights, government is assuming a level of authority superior to the natural relationship between ourselves, our planet and the Creator.

We have already established that such authority was never meant to be the purpose of true democratic government. So is this trend for our own protection? And if so, from what?

For Your Own Protection

Let’s call a spade a spade… the ongoing erosion of our natural rights is being intentionally perpetrated by an imposter “government” under the guise of our “own protection”. In typical Hegelian Dialectic fashion, many of the “threats” from which we are being “protected” by regulation didn’t even exist until power-seeking governments created them… just to get the ball rolling in their direction.

The “War On Terror” is a perfect example. The United States “Government” sought war. Its strategy was to take military control of foreign countries rich in natural profitable resources, while creating a culture of fear and militarism under which government would assume increased powers to monitor and control human activity, both inside and outside its borders. So it created a “terrorist threat” in the eyes of the Western world by staging 9/11, the world’s largest and most public ‘terrorist attack’; an attack it attributed to mid-east extremism. Scared rigid, and rightly so, the people demanded a solution. And thus war was declared! For our own protection.

The intention of the US Government was always to declare war. Several in fact. And they created the perfect climate for the gradual introduction of tighter governmental control, over populations both in the US and overseas, as well as control of the natural resources of foreign lands… all while financially benefiting government’s corporate cohorts. And through the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, they convinced the people of American to support it.

Enter the Patriot Act and exit your individual human rights…. for your own protection.

Don’t be fooled – this was no accident.

The Hegelian Dialectic has long been used by governments to manipulate public thinking toward predetermined ends. And it rarely fails – unless you know they’re doing it. For more information, I recommend The Politics of Polarity: The Hegelian Dialectic and its Use in Controlling Modern Society by Lee Maddox, WuW guest writer and founder of realnewsaustralia.com

Seeking Permission

Dictating how we live was never meant as the purpose of democratic government. Nor was manipulating the psyche of its people to support an implicit agenda. Surely that is the realm of dictatorship.

But as beings, many struggle with the concept of governing themselves. Many do not even consider it possible! And subsequently we hand over our power, the right to be the authors of our own lives, to others. Or worse… we seek permission from an external authority. And by doing so, we support the corruption of beneficial government.

As human beings, don’t we have an inherent right to own our own lives? If not, then who does have the right to own your life? To live your own life surely means to live “independently and without outside interference”, and in accord with your own natural instincts. Just like the animal kingdom, the primary relationship – that into which we were born – is the relationship between ourselves, the Earth that sustains us, and our Creator.

But is that how we truly live? Or have we been trained instead to seek permission?

How often do we cite an external authority as the origin of our rights, as if those rights were granted to us by a document or an institution?

“It’s my first amendment right to…”

“I have the right under the constitution to…”

Contrast this mindset to the statement “I have the right to…” where the protection of that right is simply guaranteed by the constitution or similar.

Who granted you those rights? Are they inherent? Or are they granted at the discretion of an outside authority?

If the real function of government is to uphold our individual rights under natural law, isn’t a government that presumes to grant your rights an imposter?

How can such a power be held by an institution of human creation and yet exercised over humans as a superior authority?

Surely any ‘democratic’ government that assumes such a right over its people, its subjects, has over-stepping its intended authority? Who sets the rules and objectives?

It’s time for a new mindset.

Declaring Your Sovereignty

I am sometimes asked by readers: “How do I go about becoming a sovereign being?” or “What’s the right way to go about declaring it?” Or in other words… “What paperwork do I need to sign?”

If you ask for the recognition of government to validate your sovereignty, your freedom, are you not seeking outside permission? Can any person or entity give you permission to be free? To act independently? Or is that a contradiction in terms?

Sovereignty starts with you. You choose sovereignty for yourself; to feel sovereign; to live sovereign, to be sovereign. It’s that simple.

By recognizing the authority of government, we consent to it standing between ourselves and our true nature. But when we decide not to be dictated to, the game simply ceases. So forget it! Forgive the deceit and move on with a sense of freedom and love. Attune to the relationship between you and your Creator, and acknowledge it as the single ‘authority’ in your life. Be the executor and beneficiaryof your life. Allow your actions and interactions to be guided by the light of Creation and conscience. Once you make the internal realization, and truly embrace your natural sovereignty, your outer world will begin to change with you.

No person or institution created by another can assert its power or authority over us, unless we choose to play along. We have the right to just say “Enough! No more!”… and they know it.

Through my interactions with the Wake Up World and One People communities worldwide, I have encountered countless stories of everyday people who have stood up to the embedded system of ‘authority’… and prevailed. Court cases are quickly resolved. ‘Failure to vote’ notices waived. Taxes refunded. Police actions quickly aborted. Everyday ‘system’ processes are quickly resolved in favour of the party who assumes authority. And by asserting your sovereignty, that can be you too!

If you consent to interact within the system, you consent to being bound by its rules…. which will inevitably work against you. As a Trustee, the system is not set up to benefit you. But by withholding your consent to interact within the system, and refusing to identify yourself as the ‘strawman’ corporate identity that government created (using your birth as collateral) you assert thehighest authority in that interaction. You are SOVEREIGN.

Remember, government was created by humanity… even pretend government. It cannot dictate to humanity unless humanity agrees to play along. Your power is in your being. Do you consent to play?

In declaring your sovereignty, perhaps the best starting point is the determination of your rights. Essentially, before engaging in any interaction with those claiming government status, ask them to clarify your rights if you choose to engage in that interaction. Any government that claims to grant or deny your natural rights, instead of protecting them, clearly demonstrates which Trust they uphold: the Dictatorship Trust. You can then respond accordingly – by withholding your consent to play and setting your own terms of further engagement.

So What ARE Your Rights?

You have the right to live freely, independently and without outside interference. That is natural law. Government cannot give you that right, nor can government take it away – unless you choose to allow it.

Rocking the boat can take bravery – we have been trained our whole lives to respect the supreme authority of government and the mechanisms it imposes. But the truth is – you don’t have to consent to the authority of a man-made government, imposter or otherwise. Your identity as a living being gives you supreme authority over your own life. Simple.

Imposter governments thrive on arguing the word of their so-called “law”, yet their actions contradict the spirit in which their laws were written, and encroach on the rights those laws are meant to protect.

I will finish with the words of American Founding Father and principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), Thomas Jefferson, who described each person’s inherent right to:

“… unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others” ~ Thomas Jefferson

As a sovereign being, your rights are to do whatever you please, limited only by the equal right of others to do whatever they please.

Your freedom is your divine right as a living breathing being. Sovereignty is a gift granted to you by your Creator. It is up to you what you do with that freedom.

… and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to control you.

Scott B

Creator of the documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" and website Truth-Now.net Scott is a truth seeker who moved to the USA - home of the free and land of the brave... (which might be a stretch based on present events...)

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