CruizeFM Interview With Scott Bartle

Scott Bartle 1959 Corvette FrontCruizeFM interview with Scott Bartle
by Aldo
29 Jul 2013

Is there really a corporation called The Commonweath of Australia?

In this interview with Scott Bartle, producer of What The FUQ?, Scott highlights his battle with “Customs”, when he Questioned some of the laws that made it difficult for him to get his 1959 Chevrolet Corvette into Western Australia..

Scott says ”Laws are slowly eroding our freedoms, while the Will of the People is being ignored.” Do you

  • find it scary?
  • find this controversial?
  • find this a load of rubbish?
  • agree / disagree?
  • think he is a crackpot?
  • think he is a champion of the people?
  • think he is meddling in things We the People should not get involved in ?

Is there really a system in place that wants to erode our freedoms?? If you know better… I Want To Know!!!!!

Further Research by CruiZeFM

Here are some documents and research found after the interview:

it shall be lawful for any person to endeavour in good faith to show that the Sovereign has been mistaken in any of his counsels; to point out in good faith errors or defects in the Government or Constitution of the United Kingdom or of any of the King’s Dominions or of the Commonwealth as by law established, or in legislation, or in the administration of justice, with a view to the reformation of such errors or defects;
(Section 24 A (2) of the Crimes Act of 1914 (as amended by Act #54 of 1920)

PDF IconLetters Patent signed by BOB Hawke, (not by Robert James L. Hawke as an official document might demand).

Cruizefm Interview with Scott Bartle“Government” Departments with company identifiers. For example: Search for the ABN of NSW Local Court
Start here: to search for a “Department”
Then search for their Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number:

PDF IconCommonwealth DUNS numbers


PDF IconBill Clinton declaration – Presidential declaration that “men with arms and legs” are US Property..

Question to ask anyone posing as “Government”:

Were the ORIGINAL Letters Patent passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom constituting the Office of Governor of the State of Western Australia and its Dependencies in the Commonwealth of Australia, dated 29 Oct 1900, revoked, altered or amended by an heir and successor to the late Queen Victoria in accordance with the full power and authority reserved by her in 1900?

Substitute WA For QLD, NSW, SA & VIC… not sure about Tas & NT yet. See more on Letters Patent here.

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