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If We Are Truly Sovereign Beings, Why Do We Ask For Permission?

Sovereignty11th November 2013
By Andy Whiteley
Co-Founder of Wake Up World

There has been a lot of talk of sovereignty lately.

Sovereignty is a concept fundamental to our freedom. Without individual sovereignty, we are merely slaves. Without true independence, we may only walk someone else’s path.

As humanity continues to wake up to our true nature of being, to our absolute value as humans, and to our divine relationship to our world and our Creator, it is crucial that we truly understand what it is to be a ‘sovereign being’.

But before we discuss sovereignty, let’s look at the definition of the word ‘sovereign’ so we all start on the same page:

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘sovereign’ as:

Sovereign (adjective):

– Acting or done independently and without outside interference

– Possessing supreme or ultimate power

So in considering our sovereignty, the question really is… Do we truly live “independently and without outside interference”? Do we possess “supreme or ultimate power” over our lives? And if not, who does?

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Apparent Failure To Vote..?

Screw Us And We MultiplySo you received an “Apparent Failure to Vote” Notice..?

First off… how apparent was it..? Either you did vote or you didn’t. So which was it..?

What if you wrote back and asked some questions..?

  • On a scale of 1-10, how apparent was it I didn’t vote..? with 1 being “definitely not”, and 10 being “we don’t really know”?
  • Was it a rumour started in the office that I didn’t vote..?
  • Did my mother/girlfriend/ etc… tell on me..?
  • You get the idea… get creative…

So why the softly softly approach..? Does the purported “AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION” having Australian Business Number 21 133 285 851 and Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number: 750020034 need your consent to send you an invoice… er… fine..?

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Is The “Law” Really Law..? Or Do Pretend Laws Exist?

Pretend Laws miniWhat if there were pretend laws in the country..? Would we have to follow them?

It seems fairly obvious that a law that was not enacted properly would be invalid… just as much as being prosecuted for infringing a law that did not even exist is nonsensical.

One might argue that “it is just a technicality and that there are bound to be flaws in a country’s legal system.” So fix it… right? How many times would an error need to be brought to the attention of “government” before it was corrected?

Perhaps this image answers the question…

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The Commonwealth of Australia Corporation

US securities and exchange commission SEC

The idea that the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation registered in Washington DC is foreign to most people. Others are in pure disbelief. Others reason that it is necessary for trading.

One thin is for certain. An official response, with evidence, is yet to be seen to some very serious questions:

Is the “Australian Government” one and the same as the “Government of the Commonwealth“?

Is the “Parliament of Australia” one and the same as the “Parliament of the Commonwealth“?

Who owns the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation registered in Washington DC? – If it is owned here in Australia, surely the company in Washington would report back to Australia? Why is it the reporting appears to be from Australia to Washington?

Why is it that there are so many elements of today’s Commonwealth of Australia that parallel corporate behaviour:

  • Their websites are copyright protected
  • They have ‘Client Service Charters
  • Logos are trademarked
  • They have Australian Business Numbers
  • They have Dun & Bradstreet DUNS numbers
  • They are registered in a company database
  • They have a prospectus – seemingly for investors?
  • They have a business address
  • Some have multiple trading names
  • They produce annual reports

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Your Claims Are Baseless!

Angry GirlSend a notice to a “Government Department” asking for validation they are legitimate under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and likely you will get a response that states … “Your claims are baseless!” – or they may just ignore you.

Assuming they reply… have you actually made a claim – or did you just seek information? Putting that aside momentarily, why would they state “Your claims are baseless”?

Could it be the “Australian Government” isn’t actually bound by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), meaning their masters are not the people comprising the Commonwealth?

Perhaps they’ll send you the form they want you to fill out again… as if you didn’t get it the first time. Maybe they’ll write that your matter has been considered and denied… if you disagree with our decision you can take the matter to court. Fat lot of good that would do in an environment where all are unwilling/unable to validate their authority!

Alternatively your reply may instead use words such as .. “your letter has no basis in law”, or … “your letter has no validity”. Look who’s making claims now!

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Court But Not Guilty

Court JudgeWhen you got to court you probably have the expectation that you are there to get ‘justice’ by a fair and impartial adjudicator – perhaps even a jury of your peers.

What most people don’t realise is today’s ‘courts’ are nothing but a dog and pony show… they are corporations masquerading as an arm of government.

Whilst this isn’t news to many readers of the website, it also isn’t posted on the outside of the court room. You won’t find it in their information brochure, nor any of their downloadable information brochures.

A very good example of a court pretending to be an arm of government is the LOCAL COURT OF NSW, trading as LOCAL COURTS, having ABN 68 199 215 208 and DUNS 759574189.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have land transferred to your company and not have to pay taxes… and you get your very on ‘Act’ of the Parliament of Australia to make it all official. Isn’t that wonderful!

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Corporations Masquerading as Government (Part II): Which “Government” Can We Trust?

Wake-Up-World17th December 2012 – Originally posted at Wakeup-World.

It appears that corporations are masquerading as government in countries around the world – for profit and not for the purpose of governance.

We know the role of true government is to act as trustees for the people… to provide services to the community, to represent its interests. But do those claiming government status today truly act as our trustees?

Does real government still exist? What the FUQ is going on in government today????

Let’s go right back to the beginning… before there was Government.

Natural Trust

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