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Warrior of Truth - Scott Bartle & Jordan Sather

Jordan attended the Las Vegas God & Country Patriot Double Down event Oct 23-25 2021 and joined Scott Bartle to discuss current affairs, censorship and deep state. When Australia makes the news in the USA, you know there’s something big happening. We touched on what is going on in Aus right now and how tragic it is… and representative of what could be taking place elsewhere in the world very soon.

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Warrior of Truth - Scott Bartle & Jason Jones

Jason Jones, a former law enforcement officer with direct experience on the US Southern border, shares some chilling details of the human trafficking taking place.He shows plastic bracelets that are fixed to people to track them like cattle, until they cross the border. This practice reveals the price tags placed on people and how they are essentially treated at slaves.Seeing these bracelets brings a whole new level of reality to the situation.

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Test your knowledge of government in Australia

From TWO Governments, Dodgy Seals, Pretend Laws to Crimes of Treason... take two minutes to test your knowledge.