Validation of Government Authority
  • "Great Seal of the United Kingdom" versus the "Australian Coat of Arms"

  • "Parliament of the Commonwealth" versus the "Parliament of Australia"

  • "Government of the Commonwealth" versus the "Australian Government"

TWO Governments?

The Constitution of 1900 refers to the "Government of the Commonwealth" as the name of Government... so who is the "Australian Government"?

TWO Parliaments?

The Constitution of 1900 defines Parliament as the "Parliament of the Commonwealth" ... So who or what is the "Parliament of Australia"?

Parallel OFFICE of Governor

One simple question is all that's needed to determine if today's Governors have any lawful standing and authority... Is there a PARALLEL Office of Governor?

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Pollies in Australian won't answer this question.. let's ask the Queen. This is simply to determine if the original Letters Patent were revoked properly.

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