• "Great Seal of the United Kingdom" versus the "Australian Coat of Arms"

  • "Parliament of the Commonwealth" versus the "Parliament of Australia"

  • "Government of the Commonwealth" versus the "Australian Government"

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Truth-now.net started in Jun 2012 as a way to share information about corporate "government" and banking. The website is divided into three sections now. The first comprises material which challenged the system. It was not a happy time. Coming soon is information about the transformation I went through as well as where I see the future.

CONMANwealth & Banksters

Up until Dec 2013, I challenged those in government regularly to demonstrate their offices were legitimate per founding documents from 1900, or in the case of banks, whether actual monetary loans were made. Click here to learn more about what I found.

CONMANwealth & Banksters

My Transformation

At the end of 2013, I went to Mt Shasta with a friend and underwent a transformation. During this time I went through a process of unplugging from the "matrix", whilst experiencing all the hooks to lure me back in. Click here to learn more about my transformation.

Scott's Transformation

Unplug from the Matrix

Join Scott in either a roundtable discussion or chat one-on-one and start making sense of the Enslavement Matrix. Do you have 'blind spots' that prevent you from unplugging? What hooks keep you contributing to the Matrix without even knowing it? Click here for more.

Unplug from the Matrix

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  • If a ‘Person’ is a Legal Entity, What’s Your Real Identity?
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  • If We Are Truly Sovereign Beings, Why Do We Ask For Permission?
    11th November 2013 By Andy Whiteley Co-Founder of Wake Up World There has been a lot of talk of sovereignty lately. Sovereignty is a concept fundamental to our freedom. Without individual sovereignty, we are merely slaves. Without true independence, we may only walk someone else’s path. As humanity continues to wake up...
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  • Apparent failure to vote..?
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Pollies in Australian won't answer this question.. let's ask the Queen. This is simply to determine if the original Letters Patent were revoked properly.

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